The menace of drugs has become a real thorn in the flesh in the present society and getting involved or dealing drugs is a serious criminal offense in many places in the world all over. However, this is not to say that your fundamental rights as a human being should be violated because you are facing a drug related crime. This is why you need to contact us the earliest possible when you facing accusations in any of the drug crimes. We have a team of competent defence attorneys who have a lot of experience in dealing with drug related cases and their advice will come very handy in your situation.


Our team of drug crimes defense attorney rides big on the fact that we have had streak after streak in winning most of the drug cases we have handled. This is only an indication to the fact that we are indeed good at this area of criminal law hence you can trust us to give you the most desired legal counsel during such times. Being from a background of fierce fighting attorneys, we will not let your case go down without staging the proper fight. We will challenge the charge sheet and look for every possible way to set you off the hook. Drug crimes are complex in nature but we have what it takes to defend you effectively and successfully. Therefore, whenever you face such accusations, get in touch with us the earliest possible so that we can work out a formidable defense for your case.


Our criminal attorneys have the competency to deal with all the aspects of drug crimes. They include but not limited to the following crimes-:

Medical marijuana

the use of medical marijuana is regulation with very strict laws and at times, you may never know whether you are already abusing the medicine. If you are ever arrested with medical marijuana and you don’t have any prescription for it, call us immediately and we will be there to defend you. We have defended hundreds throughout our practice and we know how we will get you off the hook.

Drug possession

being in possession of a controlled substance can land you in some serious trouble but this is not a ticket for your rights and freedoms to be violated. This is why you need to contact us the first thing you are arrested or accused of being in possession of drugs or any other controlled substances.

Drug trafficking

this is a dangerous undertaking which will in most cases result in a criminal felony. Most states won’t take any tolerance on charges of drug trafficking and most of your rights and freedoms may be at stake at such times. Getting a skilled criminal lawyer therefore will go a long way in mitigating some of the consequences you might face when charged with drug trafficking.

If you are faced with any of the above drug charges, we have the best criminal defense lawyers who will give you the adequate protection you need to get a fair trial and also ensure that your rights and freedoms are not violated.